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Life style lessons with Sugden and Daughters before Salvo Fair

 ©Sugden and Daughters

A reggae fuelled road trip to Vintage Roots at Salvo Fair

 ©Vintage Roots

Salvage at Salvo

Salvo Fair on YouTube channel with 67,000 millenials

Bright green antique theme for Salvo 2017


Silo at Salvo meal deal supports native woodland birds


Vagabond Joe on being free from fashion and his first Salvo Fair

 ©Vagabond Antiques & Decor

European support for Salvo 2017

 ©Brocante Frederic

Amorosa helps to Find, Fix and Flog It

The tall boy behind TallBoy Interiors ready for his first Salvo Fair

  ©Tallboy Interiors

Salvo Fair regular Gary Wallis

 ©Gary Wallis Antiques

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