Pierre De Bourgogne

A taste of its Italian ambassadors, synonymous with quality, and style brings flooring of great historical French value to the worldwide market. Pierre de Bourgogne combines aesthetics and efficiency. The company’s attitude can be traced back to its roots on demolition sites in 1989 – ever since it has prided itself on finding beautiful ancient materials, carefully preparing them and proposing them for enjoyment today.

Authentic antique French flooring 

Antique stone floors reclaimed from French farmhouses in the Burgundy region date back to the 16th Century. Pierre de Bourgogne facilitates reuse with simple assembly by sawing the thickness but retaining the beautiful patina. 

Antique Reclaimed Stone Floors
Antique Dalle de Bourgogne -  Original Bourgogne with new surface
Antique Dalle de Bourgogne -  Original Bourgogne with new surface

Situated in the Pearl of Tuscany

The large workshop in Forte dei Marmi spans 3000 square meters with five skilled workers that reduce the thickness and restore stocks of old paving. The showroom is worth a visit, however, experience gained from over 30 years in the business delivers fine floors to your door, ready to start a new life, no matter where you are in the world.

Ancient Reclaimed French Flooring
Antique French Flooring Pallets
Pierre de Bourgogne in Tuscany
Pierre De Bourgogne, Via G.B.Vico 63, Forte dei Marmi, Tuscany, 55042, Italy

Handy hints for happier hunting – Call or WhatsApp Luciano Amato on +39 3389482831 for his wealth of knowledge. He will help you find the right materials for your project. 

Reclaimed French Limestone Flooring - Authentic Dalle de Bourgogne
Reclaimed French Limestone Flooring - Antique Pierre de Bourgogne
Reclaimed French Limestone Flooring - Original Bourgogne with new surface

Pierre de Bourgogne supplies authentic flooring to private and commercial clients for projects all over the world -particularly in Europe, the US, Australia, Asia and here you can see one of many UK projects.

Antique French Stone Flooring Interior
Antique Cabochon Flooring
Antique French Limestone Flooring - Original Bourgogne with new surface
18th Century Reclaimed Cabochon Flooring
Rare 17th Century Reclaimed Cabochon Flooring
Antique Reclaimed Terracotta Floor Tiles
Slabs of Burgundy Limestone - Reclaimed from a royal tobacco works
Antique Cabochon Flooring
Antique Cabochon flooring with either green marble, black or terracotta diamonds
Antique Hexagonal Terracotta Tiles
Reclaimed Pierre de Bourgogne -  Original Bourgogne with new surface
Antique Pierre de Bourgogne and  Antique Black  Slabs
Antique Cabochon flooring

Rescuing and restoring ancient materials
from French properties results not just in fine stocks of reclaimed materials but also in architectural antiques like this Provencal style fountain.

Antique Stone Fountain in Provencal Style

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